Kelly’s Birthday

Went out to Caroline’s Boat Shed & Bar last night for the lovely Kelly Scarrow’s 40t birthday. Hade a great time. Saw some folks I haven’t seen for a while. Enjoyed some great food and a very nice half bottle of Lindauer pinot gris as well. Was good to catch up with my favourite tattooist, the very talented Nigel Hamahona,  and to meet his daughter and sister as well.

Here’s a couple of pics I nicked off Kelly’s facebook this afternoon – forgot to take my own camera…


Kelly (the one with the tattooed sleeve) getting her beautiful key from her girl friends that was carved by Nige.


Me nearest the red wall and Pauline Allomes next to me, that’s Sally from the library across from me and Nigel’s sister Roseene next to her.


Happy Birthday To Me

Got a year older on Monday just gone…. Spent an awesome evening on Saturday last with Sonia, Nick, Kasey, Phoebe, Chloe and Scott sharing a lovely dinner cooked for me by Sonia. Two thirds of a bottle of Pinot Gris later and I was a happy girl…… Loved the cake that Sonia made for me too – chocolate cake with marshmallow fondant icing and topped with cake balls decorated like balls of yarn, a crochet hook and a work in progress…. thanks guys for a lovely birthday.


Birthdays to go…

June in my family is a month of birthdays so collectively HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all my family members who have birthdays this month…

My mum would have been 83 on the 1st if she were still with us.
My eldest grand-daughter Tahlia will be 19 on the 5th.
I get to turn 57 on the 8th.
My nephew Duanne turns 21 on the 11th.
My youngest grand-daughter turns 4 on the 18th.
My beloved grandfather would have turned 107 on the 19th.
My friend Liz Bowes turns 56 on the 19th.
My ex-husband will be 69 on the 30th.

If I have forgotten anyone I am sorry.  Hope you all have a great birthday – well, those who are still living at least. I intend to enjoy mine – having dinner with Scott, Kasey, Sonia, Nick, Phoebe and Chloe on the Saturday night before my actual birthday… should be a good night.

Latest Crochet Projects

My hooks have been flying this past week or so, turning out several hats and a few other odds and sods..

Kelly’s slouch beanie


Made a blue and pink one with a pompom for Kelly’s daughter Rhylee as well, and a cream and teal one for myself.


An adult version of the old 50’s style pixie hat – also for the lovely Kelly.

Made an infinity scarf for Scotty to keep his neck warm while he walks the perimeter fences at work on night shift.

I have a couple of pairs of kids moccasins on the go at present for the Birthright charity box too. And a poncho in the same style as the one I made recently in a deep teal colour for my daugter’s housemate over in Oz.

Kelly’s Poncho

At last – it is finished – the gorgeous poncho I have been making for my friend Kelly – it took some work too.

Whilst the pattern is not difficult to do, the actual written pattern was incorrect and I had to make a number of adjustments in order to get it right. The pattern is worked in 2 rectangular pieces then joined short edge to long edge, flipped and joined in the same way on the other side. However, when I got the prescribed 57 rows it looked way too small to fit Kelly, who is considerably taller and has a much wider wing span than me! So adjust I did and finished up making it double the prescribed length. I have to say, I am pretty pleased with the way it turned out. She looks gorgeous in it, but then Kelly could wear a sugar bag and make it look good imho.



ANZAC Day 2015

Tomorrow marks the 100th Anniversary of the landing of Australian and New Zealand troops on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey. While both countries were under the command of the British, they proved themselves well worthy of being self-commanded.

For Australians on Gallipoli their severest losses came at Lone Pine, while for the Kiwis it was Chunuk Bair. But no matter where they served they were heroes everyone.

My paternal grandfather was on Gallipoli in 1915. He was not one of the first to land but was in one of the first reinforcement companies to arrive there. Being a light-horseman, he had been in training in the deserts of Egypt prior to being shipped to Suvla Bay. They left their horses and gear behind and boarded troop ships bound for the Dardenelles. We were luckier than an awful lot of other families – Pop came home, thousands didn’t – including two of his cousins who enlisted on the same day as he did.

Tom Stokes

My Grandfather – Thomas Frederick Stokes – #345 – 3rd Light Horse Battalion

My maternal grandfather served in WWII in Egypt, Syria and Palestine. He was a member of the 2nd/2nd Machine Gun Battalion. This grandfather also survived the war and came home to his family.


My Grandfather – Albert Ernest Fuller Hillman, SX12152 – 2/2 Machine Gun Battalion