Grumbling Appendix & Other Things Medical

Had Kasey in hospital last Thursday and Friday with suspected appendicitis. They couldn’t find anything after heaps of blood tests and an ultra sound. Put it down to a grumbling appendix and said if it flares up again in the next 3 months they will rip it out. He is fine now and back at school.

Kasey saw his paediatrician, Dr Bates, today for the first time in 12 months. Glad to report that he has finally put on some decent weight and has grown 6 cms in the past year. Considering that he is 11 and about the size of an 8 year old, this is really good. The other good thing to come out of today is that Dr Bates has decided that at the end of this school year, Kasey will be taken off the 3 times a day doses of Methylphenidate (Rubefin) and go onto the once a day slow release Conerta instead. This will hopefully make it less easy for him to forget to take his meds.


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